Share Books with Others

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Share Books with Others

Sign Up and Start Sharing Books Now

Designed For Books

It is a platform designed for book sharing.

Chatroom for message

Make friends and deal within chatroom

Personal Bookshelf

Build a personal book shelf and share it with others.

Sparktake is designed for books lovers

With Sparktake, you are able to share the books you have finished to read with others. 

  • Free to use
  • Chatroom for buying and selling books
  • Searching books based on Categories
  • Build your bookshelf
Sparktake Eng books sharing books trading books community

Internal Chatroom

Trade books by internal chatroom

Special For Books

All the functions of Sparktake are designated for books.

100% Free

Transaction between users are free


All the books available are based on categories.

Search Books

Search the books you are looking for


Share the same interest with other users

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Receive Information about Sparktake

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